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10 Tips To

Live Well After Sexual Abuse

  1. Tell someone... To be free from abuse you must make safety a priority. If you are still being abused, you need to tell someone.
  2. Seek help... You may feel embarrassed however abuse is too big and isolating to deal with on your own.

  3. Select helpful people… Surround yourself with helpful support network that believe you rather than look for blame.

  4. Recognise your internal support… Identify your own strengths including one of survival, and good people in your life.

  5. Seek professional help... Make choices and, seek counselling to help you deal with your trauma and live a life free of abuse.

  6. Be present... Use touch (your strongest sense) to "ground" yourself and bring yourself back to reality. Feel your shirt, your chair, the grass, or anything that can give your brain a substance & texture to focus on. This stops feelings of pain when your thoughts or feelings have been triggered.

  7. Recognise your rights… Your basic human right is to be free of abuse and start exercising your choices.

  8. Recognise normal reactions... Extreme sad feelings and other reactions are common and normal given the extra ordinary circumstances you have survived.

  9. Acknowledge your survival of a life-threatening trauma… You are living as a survivor, have survived the worst trauma and do not need to continue living as a victim.

  10. Regain control over your life… Make choices that make you happy and safe.

This page is designed as a quick & handy reference guide, providing you with the foundation blocks that will get you on your way to a happier life. As an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, I can help you to integrate these methods into your daily life practically and quickly, allowing you to focus on things that you would prefer to be focussing on... like the rest of your life.

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