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10 Tips To

Parent Practically

  1. Reassess your parenting style... Does your approach fit with your values and help your children be the best they can be?

  2. Instill healthy habits in your children... Childhood is the training ground for adulthood. Are you encouraging the best habits for later life?

  3. Allow room to explore... Some "bad" things are ok in moderation like McDonalds, parties, alcohol.

  4. Demonstrate well-balanced behaviour... Mix reading, exercise and fun with homework, sleep and family time.

  5. Seek professional help if required... Specific debilitating difficulties, such as eating disorders, ADHD and other special needs require professional intervention.

  6. Do not compare children... Comparisons make one person feel superior and the other inferior. Assist individuals to excel and find their own, unique attributes and strengths.

  7. Look for the underlying messages in the behaviour... Behaviour is the way children demand attention when they cannot communicate effectively.

  8. Advocate and teach self-advocacy... Speak up for your children and teach them that it is ok to speak up for themselves.

  9. Parent with effort... Although it is often difficult and unappreciated, put energy into your children individually- read with them, teach them, show them how to make good choices in life.

  10. Lead by example... Demonstrate effective communication and healthy habits rather than demanding them.

A note on Triple P Parenting:
Positive Practical Parenting, Known as the Triple P Programme is a well known course for parents looking for ways to improve behaviour in their children. The guidelines I propose covers effective parenting strategies as well as ensuring the foundations of your relationships are nurtured at the same time. Positive practical parenting involves consistency and ongoing teamwork in establishing healthy behaviours in children and parents.

This page is designed as a quick & handy reference guide, providing you with the foundation blocks that will get you on your way to a happier life. As an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, I can help you to integrate these methods into your daily life practically and quickly, allowing you to focus on things that you would prefer to be focussing on... like the rest of your life.

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